All products are 3D printed except for the aluminum products.


Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

3D printed tanks and trailers are all pictured assembled, some are one piece, while others will arrive to you in several pieces to be assembled by the builder.


If you have any questions concerning frames and detail updates on our trailers or need any help searching for parts from other vendors to complete your build contact me via Facebook or email.  

For the Detach Gooseneck Trailer, Moluminum casts and sells many accessories such as: winch set, pony motor, 5 gallon buckets, air ride/axle suspensions, brake drums/hubs, photo etch items, glad hands, wheels and resin low pro tires and D-rings.

Decals available from Jerry Reeter 228-365-4124


Moluminum (Jamie Rahmoeller) casts accessories that include, dome lids, fuel tank lids, valves, unions and many different photo etch items that can be purchased separately from him via Facebook or  He does not make any frames for our trailers. We are working on updating our trailers that do not have frames and we are adding more detail to them as well. Go to and for many styrene items.


Ken Wheeler, Sr.-accessories for Detach Gooseneck Trailer (below)

Accessories can also be purchased from Ken Wheeler, Sr. via Facebook or phone 410-790-7896 based out of Parkton, MD.

List of resin casted parts includes: winch set, air ride/axle suspensions, spring ride suspensions, brake drums/air tanks, brooms/shovels, wide load signs, flashing beacons, tool box, flags, chain hooks and D-rings.