GMC "Crackerbox" DF 7000 Sleeper Cab

GMC "Crackerbox" DF 7000 Sleeper Cab

SKU: CK-97

1:25 scale.

GMC "Crackerbox" DF-7000 model truck conversion kit.

Includes: cab, fenders, interior with seats and dash, mirrors, exhaust stack, airhorn, turn signals, air cleaner, bumper and fuel tanks.

Resin and pewter parts.

Pewter can be polished to a shine.


NOTE: Good donor kits for this conversion are the GMC Astro 95 or Chevy Titan by AMT. If you have trouble finding those you can also use the AMT Freightliner or Kenworth Aerodyne cabover kits. For single axle chassis the Dodge L-700 by Lindberg will work.