Autocar AT64F

Autocar AT64F

SKU: CK-72

1:25 scale.

Autocar AT64F model truck conversion kit – Available in standard or sleeper cab

Conversion kit includes cab, hood, fenders, bumper, aircleaner, complete interior, mirror heads, airhorns, turn signals, grab handles, wipers, running lights, headlights, cab window glass, exhaust and decals.

Autocar AT64F Sleeper Version includes interior with sleeper cut out for walk-in, 60 inch Autocar sleeper, 150 gallon fuel tanks and large battery box.

Metal parts are pewter and can be polished to a shine.

A good doner chassis for this conversion kit would be any Peterbilt or Kenworth kits or use one of our resin frames such as KT-9 or KT-10.

Note: When buying this conversion kit please choose standard or sleeper cab.