3-D Printed tanks, trailers and accessories:

 -Our company’s mission is to bring modern trailer options, loads for flatbeds and diorama items to the hobby of model truck building. To accomplish our mission, we are using cutting edge 3D printing technology to create modern marvels you can’t find in a kit at your local hobby shop. These items may not be for the novice builder. 


-When you purchase 3D printed items they will require a little more TLC than your everyday kit, meaning more filing, puttying and sanding. These items require multiple coats of heavy filing primer such as Kilz Primer, Zinsser Primer or Dupli-Color, with sanding between each coat. You also may need to seek out parts from other suppliers. 


-If your purchase included a tank, a small rod is included to cut into alignment pins. As technology advances, we will strive to simplify the smoothing process and include more detailed parts.

                                                                        Suggested tools and supplies:


-Sandpaper-220 or finer

-Non Shrinking Body Putty

-Super Glue- Loctite Gel works best.

-Primer- Kilz or Zinsser

-Paint Color


-Putty knife

1.Glue all body pieces together.

2.Fill in seam and miscellaneous spots with putty. (Let dry.)

3.File all rough surfaces to your liking. 3D material is not meant to be sanded hard. You may scuff it but do not go heavy because this could heat the material and gum it.

4.Sand with sandpaper, only scuffing it, using a level block behind it.

5.Apply Kilz or Zinsser as a primer to fill in pores in the material.

6.Sand with 220 grit or finer sandpaper.

7.Repeat steps 5 and 6 to your liking.

8.Apply paint color.

9.Apply clear coat.

                                                                            Accessory suggestions:

1.Aluminum wheels- Keystone Aluminum Model Miniatures- available on this website.

2.Styrene for frame/supports- Plastruct, Evergreen or kitbashing

3.Tank and trailer accessories-Moluminum- Jamie Rahmoeller-www.moluminum.com-

 -dome lids, valves/unions, photo etch, welds and lights, aluminum f/r fenders,axels, resinwheels and resin tires.