After Market Model Parts/Vendors

Ken Wheeler, Sr.- via Facebook or phone: 410-790-7896

-Ken sells resin parts including: winch set, air ride/axle suspensions, spring ride suspensions, brake drums/air tanks, brooms/shovels, wide load signs, flashing beacons, tool boxes, flags, chain hooks and D-rings.

Jamie Rahmoeller- 330-771-3346

-Jamie casts accessories that include, dome lids, fuel tank lids, valves, unions and many different photo etch items that can be purchased separately from him via Facebook or  He does not make any frames for our trailers. We are working on updating our trailers that do not have frames and we are adding more detail to them as well. Go to and for many styrene items.

Jerry Reeter- Decals-


Lee Hartman- Classic Truck Modeler Magazine 208-585-7157


Gary Wallace- 315-591-1252


Dan Spaulding- 608-784-2894


Auslowe Model Accessories-


MTB- 707-685-2556


Timothy Sherman- All-Season Collectable Toys  607-760-4135

Ryan Mlynek- RMT Parts 740-391-5527 Also on Facebook

Earl Miller-(Air lines)-1-706-585-0171 or PM through Facebook to order.


Plaskit Resin- on Facebook- 1-819-960-2688